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TUESDAY     APRIL 9, 2024           7:00 P.M.

120 So. 11th Street, Montague, CA

1.  Call Meeting to Order/Roll Call:

2.  Public Comment Period:  May be limited to 3 minutes, the Board cannot act on issues not posted on the Agenda.

3.  Consent Calendar:

  1. Approval of Minutes of March 12, 2024

  2. Review Treasurer’s Report 

  3. Approval of Payment of Bills

4.  Discussion / Action Items: (5 – 10 minutes each)

             =  a.  Siskiyou Farm Bureau Grant

                    Discuss updates as it pertains to MWCD

              b.  Watershed Wide LCS

                    Discuss a possible watershed wide LCS

              c.  2024 Season

                    Possible Start Date, Repairs done and needed.

             d.  Pickup

                    Discuss need to replace a pickup


5.  Reports:  (May be heard at any time during the meeting)

a.   Manager’s Report – Current storage, Monthly Activities

b.    Committee Reports– Legal          Water Board​

Grant Projects                                      Watermaster

Personnel Evaluation                         Employee Policy

Fish & Wildlife                                     Groundwater

ACWA/JPIA (files 700 form)              Shasta Valley RCD

6. Communications: 

7. Board Concerns:  Items for next month’s agenda.

8.  Closed Session: Govt Code Section 54956.9 Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) 1 cases     Govt. Code Section 54957 Public Employee Performance

9.   Adjourn:  Next regular meeting May 14, 2024       


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