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TUESDAY     MARCH 14, 2023      7:00 P.M.

120 So. 11th Street, Montague, CA

1.  Call Meeting to Order/Roll Call:

2.  Public Comment Period:  May be limited to 3 minutes, the Board cannot act on issues not posted on the Agenda.

3.  Consent Calendar:

a. Approval of Minutes of February 14, 2023

b. Review Treasurer’s Report 

c. Approval of Payment of Bills

4.  Discussion / Action Items: (5 – 10 minutes each)

              a.  Friends of the Shasta River

                    Address comments made by FOSR in an open meeting

              b.  Lake Shastina Property Owners Association Request

                    Trees that may have been damaged in the Mill Fire

              c.   Rate and Quota

                    Discuss rate to charge for water deliveries and quota.

              d.   Budget

                    Review costs and begin planning for the coming year

             e.   Delinquent Water Accounts Receivable

                  Discuss policy change, to require prepayment of water cost for habitual delinquent accounts

              f.   Cal Ore Communications Pole Tower Agreement

                   Discuss renewal of agreement

              g.   Letter of Support

                     Letter of support for Hole in the Ground project.   

                     Letter of support for SB 836 Piping Bill     

 5.  Reports:  (May be heard at any time during the meeting)

a.   Manager’s Report – Current storage, Monthly Activities

b.    Committee Reports– Legal              Water Board

Personnel EvaluationEmployee Policy

Fish & WildlifeGroundwater

ACWA/JPIA (files 700 form)Shasta Valley RCD

6.  Communications: 

7.   Board Concerns:  Items for next month’s agenda.

8.  Closed Session: Govt Code Section 54956.9 Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) 1 cases    

9.   Adjourn:  Next regular meeting April 11, 2023      

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