WEDNESDAY November 9, 2022   7:00 PM     

120 South 11th Street Montague, CA  96064


2  Consent Calendar:

    a.  Approval of Minutes of  September 13, 2022 meeting. Note: The October Meeting was canceled.

    b.  Review Treasurer's Report

    c.  Approval of Payment of Bills

3.  PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD:  May be limited to 3 minutes, the Board cannot act on issues not posted on the Agenda.

4.  DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS: (5-10 Minutes each)


        a.     Repairs

                     Repairs needed on the flume, White Mountain weir and in District Repairs


       b.     Dog Park

                       Discuss the Dog Park

        c.     Request for Letter of Support

                        The County GSA letter of support for SGMA Implementation Grant Program


5.  Reports: (May be heard at any time during the meeting)

      a.  Manager's Report - Current Storage, Monthly activities 

      b.  Committee Reports

6.  Communications:  

7.  Board Concerns: Items for next month's agenda

8.  Closed Session: Govt. Code Section 54956.9 Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) 2 case

9.  Adjourn:  Next Regular Meeting December 13 , 2022