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TUESDAY     SEPTEMBER 12, 2023          7:00 P.M.

120 So. 11th Street, Montague, CA

1.  Call Meeting to Order/Roll Call:


2.  Public Comment Period:  May be limited to 3 minutes, the Board cannot act on issues not posted on the Agenda.


3.  Consent Calendar:

a. Approval of Minutes of July 11, 2023 and memo for no meeting held in August.

b. Review Treasurer’s Report 

c. Approval of Payment of Bills


4.  Discussion / Action Items: (5 – 10 minutes each)


              a.  Property Boundary lines

Discuss locating property boundary around Lake Shastina.

               b.  Contract Extension

Discuss Extending GS Black, Inc. canal lining contract

               c.  Water Transactions

                        Discuss process to provide water transactions.

                d.  California Waterfowl Assn.

                        Discuss agreement

                 e.  Audit

                         Approve Draft Audit


5.  Reports:  (May be heard at any time during the meeting)

a.   Manager’s Report – Current storage, Monthly Activities

b.    Committee Reports– Legal             Water Board​

Personnel Evaluation                             Employee Policy

Fish & Wildlife                                         Groundwater

ACWA/JPIA (files 700 form)                   Shasta Valley RCD


6.  Communications:  Thank you from Tawanda Farms


7.   Board Concerns:  Items for next month’s agenda.


8.  Closed Session: Govt Code Section 54956.9 Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) 1 cases    


9.   Adjourn:  Next regular meeting October 10, 2023


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