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The Montague Water Conservation District delivers irrigation water to landowners within the District boundaries.  The District employs an Operations Manager and Ditchtenders  as may be required for the operation and maintenance of the delivery system.  Irrigation water is furnished in rotation set by the Operations Manager.  The Water is to be used continuously.  Each irrigator will be notified by the ditchtender at least 6 to 12 hours before water is delivered and further notified of any changes.

Complaints of service or of any action of employees of the District shall be made in writing and filed with the Secretary of the District, who shall refer the same to the MWCD Board of Directors at the next meeting of the Board.

2021 Irrigation Season

The March storage in Dwinnell Reservoir/Shasta River Dam No 60.000/Lake Shastina was 8,400 acre feet.  The District  operated under a Very Dry Year.  Deliveries were curtailed to 9 days at a rate of $125 per acre foot delivered.  The remaining storage provided instream flow, municipal water and prior rights water.

2022 Irrigation Season

The storage Dwinnell Reservoir/Lake Shastina in March 2022 was 7,777 acre feet.  The District has to provide water to prior right holders in the amount of 3,382 acre feet and during a Very Dry year the District provides instream flow in the amount of 2,662 acre feet.  The District also provides water to the City of Montague.  As of May 4th there is not enough in storage for deliveries to District landowners.

Operations Manager

Rob Jochim

Contact Information:

Office:  530-459-3371


Office Manager

Lisa Faris 

Contact Information:

Office: 530-459-3371

Cell:    530-598-4013


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