Office hours:
Tuesday thru Thursday
10:30 to 3:30

MWCD District Office:
120 S. 11th Street
P.O. Box 247
Montague, CA  96064

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the Month at the District Office at 7:00 pm

The Montague Water Conservation District (MWCD) is a Special District that provides irrigation water to landowners within the District boundaries. The District owns and operates Dwinnell Reservoir/Shasta River Dam No 60  located in the southern portion of Shasta Valley in Siskiyou County California that delivers water via a main canal to properties in the northern part of the Shasta Valley near the town of Montague and Montague City.

Dr. G.W. Dwinnell had a vision and through feasibility studies and a vote of the people the Montague Irrigation District was formed in April 1925. The name was later changed to Montague Water Conservation District.  Engineer John A. Beemer was employed to design and supervise the building of Dwinnell Dam which is designated by the Department of Resources as Shasta River Dam No 60.  The building of the Dam was completed in 1928.  The lake was later named Lake Shastina.  The storage of the Dam can be found on the California Data Exchange Center.  The Station ID is DRE  DWINNELL RESERVOIR NEAR EDGEWOOD (DRE) (

The operation and maintenance of the District is under the exclusive management and control of a five person Board of Directors.  The Directors meet as a Board on the second Tuesday of the Month.   The current Board of Directors are:

Division 1  Keith Smith

Division 2  Wayne Burch

Division 3  Tristan Allen,  President

Division 4  John Hinton

Division 5  Rex Houghton


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